We hope that you will find inspiration and information for your next vacation experience!  The website is undergoing some changes right now, and will soon have more pictures and be more user friendly!  We welcome suggestions and would also love trip reports and pictures from our clients on the places they’ve been to share their experiences and travel tips with others.  Thanks to Emily and Pete Alberti for the beautiful picture of the waterfall in St. Lucia above!

A LITTLE ABOUT US. . . . . . . .

We are an independent travel agency based in Franklin, Tennessee, not part of a large impersonal chain, made up of  five travel consultants including our owner, Brenda Wagers.   Our agency is certified by IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network), which has been the industry standard for global recognition and accreditation for travel agents and agencies for over 20 years.   We pride ourselves on the personal service we provide our clients.  We are not just “booking trips”—we are helping you find the vacation that is right for you!  Find out more about us on our Travel Escapes Team page!

The agents in our agency are also Certified Sandals Specialists, and recommend SANDALS AND BEACHES RESORTS for the best in honeymoon, second honeymoon, and family vacation experiences!






Be sure to read our new page, “Is Mexico a Safe Destination?” by following the link under “Pages” on the left.   With so much in the media recently, hopefully this will give you the factual information you need to make an informed decision about traveling to Mexico.


Surprisingly, even in this day and time, about half of all travel is booked through travel agents.   So the first question you might ask is how do we get paid?  Is it going to cost you anything extra?  Since a large amount of travel is booked through travel agents, this means that the resorts, cruise lines, and companies who put together travel packages (known in the travel industry as tour operators) do not have to hire as many representatives to deal directly with the consumer or follow up on Internet bookings.  In addition, it saves the customer service departments at these companies time spent educating the consumer about their choices in resorts and destinations, as well as general travel information, rules, and regulations.  Therefore, it is in their interest to be willing to pay us a portion of their profit margin for each booking we make with them.  Therefore, you do not pay us for our services, we can find the same (or sometimes better) prices, and everybody wins!  One exception is that when we do air-only bookings we do have to charge a service fee because airlines do not pay us; however, if we are booking a package or your air is just one component of a trip being booked with us, we will be glad to assist you with that.

This day and time, just about anyone can book a hotel room to go to Aunt Sally’s birthday party or to visit relatives.  But for your special trips, one thing to always remember is that anything can be made to look great online!  It is our job, through continuing education classes and workshops, conferences, and FAM (familiarization) trips to actually SEE the properties and destinations, to know which ones actually ARE great in real life, and more importantly, which ones will be right for YOU.   Not only can all the choices online be very overwhelming to you, but every resort, cruise ship, and destination has its own distinct “personality” and atmosphere, and it’s important that we find the right fit for you and your personality, and with what you want out of your honeymoon or special trip.   Think of us as a matchmaker, but for your vacation!  This is part of our service, so that you aren’t disappointed—you work hard for the chance to take some time off, and our job is to help you find the perfect place to make some great memories!

We would love the chance to help you find your place in the sun, on another continent, on the slopes, or at sea—we look forward to hearing from you!

Main office:

3120 Braintree Road, Franklin TN  37069

(615) 790-2111


If you would like to give your wedding guests a gifting alternative to crock pots, toasters and blenders, we offer you the convenience of a fully automated, online honeymoon registry service. Your wedding guests can buy you gifts that deliver experiences like offshore excursions, tours, sports activities or amenities like beauty and spa services. If you would like more information or help setting one up, contact us. If you would like to set this up on your own, visit The Honeymoon to get started.

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