Travel Tips



 1.         To take your favorite cologne with you on vacation, simply saturate one or two cotton balls with the scent and place them in an empty film canister, and snap close the lid.  You will be able to reuse them several times on your trip.

 2.         To prevent wrinkles, place old dry cleaning bags or plastic trash bags between layers of clothing in your suitcase.  The trash bags can be used to hold dirty clothes during your trip.  Sheets of tissue paper may also be used, and then reused to pack breakable souvenirs for the trip home.  And SpaceSaver bags DO work!

 3.         Instead of packing  “his” and “hers” suitcases, make sure that each suitcase has a mix of belongings from each person, so if some of your bags are lost or delayed, you will still have items for each person.

 4.         Place a copy of your itinerary in the front zipper pocket of each suitcase (or folded up behind the luggage tag) so in case your luggage is lost the airline can deliver your luggage to your resort (or hopefully catch up with your cruise ship in port!)  instead of sending your bags to your home.  Also, only use your business address and/or your cell phone number on your luggage tag for security reasons.

 5.         To keep necklaces from getting tangled during travel, take an old cardboard toilet paper tube and put one end of the necklace through the hole, leaving the other end on the outside of the tube.  Close the clasp on the outside of the tube.  You can add several.  Then place it all in a protective pouch, and they will stay tangle free.  Never pack jewelry or valuables in your checked luggage, but always in your carry-on bag.

 6.         Know what items you can and cannot take on the airplane with you.  Go to  before your trip to find links to info on prohibited and allowed items you may carry onboard, as well as information about the new “3-1-1 rule”.  You will need a quart-size Ziploc-type bag (only quart-size bags allowed) for permitted items in your carry-on bag.  Also familiarize yourself with the rules for carrying prescription and nonprescription medicine as well as batteries.

 7.         Don’t assume that you know exactly where your passport is.  Check a week before your trip to make sure you have it, or get it out of the lockbox in plenty of time.  Make copies of your passport ID page, your driver’s license, and your credit card numbers and 800 numbers to contact those companies and keep it in a separate safe place from your credit cards and ID, in case they are lost or stolen.

 8.         Make sure plastic bottles of sunscreen, etc. are packed in two Ziploc-type bags and cushioned well in the middle of your suitcase to help prevent leaking.  And don’t pack glass bottles.  Luggage can be handled roughly and stacked very high, so take precautions in case your bag ends up at the bottom!